Tarte Launching Colorful Palette? What To Expect

The drama surrounding Tarte’s mermaid palette and April Fools joke palette is definitely something Tarte had coming to them. With every palette they launch, many Tartelettes (those who purchase and love Tarte products) felt that they were being sold yet another nude palette. Many spoke out against Tarte’s decision to make so many nude palettes and Tarte didn’t say anything about it, until now.

Tarte is coming out with a colorful palette that will fill the demand for a colorful, non-nude palette. I haven’t seen much talk about the post but reading the comments some aren’t completely trusting Tarte after their controversial foundation release where they only released shades for white and light tan skin tones, discriminating those who have darker skin tones and then the April Fools joke. Tarte lost a lot of trust with those who have come to love the brand but others are hopeful that they will finally right their wrongdoings and make a palette that is colorful and great for all skin tones.

So what to expect? I assume that we should expect to see a lot more cool toned colors. So definitely more greens and blues, possibly light pinks and light blues for transition shades and maybe we will see a purple shade and yellow shade. I’m only making assumptions but I definitely think that would make it a much more colorful palette and it’s something a lot of Tartelettes have been asking for!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below your thoughts on Tarte making this palette in response to angry consumers.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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