Monat Hair Product Review

I’ve heard a lot about the company Monat and the hair products they sell. Recently, I even went to a wine and wash party at someone’s house to see what the products were all about. I ended up seeing amazing results from these products and gave an independent market partner a call to see if I can get some samples to test these products for myself! I got some samples and tested a shampoo, oil intensive treatment and a hair mask to see how it would work!

First, I used the Oil Intensive Treatment which was something that is done with dry hair before you shampoo. I kept this in for 15 minutes and this product is supposed to be an anti-aging hair product that rejuvenates the hair and nourishes the scalp.

I then used the Renew Shampoo to wash my hair after the 15 minutes of the Oil Intensive Treatment. This shampoo is supposed to help increase hair brilliance, strength and vitality. Once the product is in your hair you let it stand for 2-3 minutes and then rise out.

I then used the Replenish Mask which is made to use right after the Renew Shampoo. I applied this product evenly to damp hair and left it on for about 5-10 minutes. After I rinsed it out and I’m obsessed with how silky my hair felt after rinsing this out.

Usually my hair is super frizzy if ah let it air dry but these products helped with the frizz and made my hair look amazing! I recommend getting these products and if you want to get your own or to sell these amazing product then feel free to contact my personal independent market partner on Instagram @saralove24fit

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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