Etsy Shop Review: Laurel + Olive

Hey beauties, I have been patiently waiting to write a review on an Etsy shop that I am totally obsessed with! The shop Laurel + Olive has the cutest graphic tees, crew necks, tanks, onesies, hats, pins, tumblers, makeup bags and more. I have already purchased three tank tops from this shop and no purchase has disappointed. These are amazing quality products and I recommend purchasing from this shop!

I ended up purchasing two light pink ZTA shirts and a rose pink shirt with my sorority’s founders on it. What I love most about this shop is that it doesn’t just have Greek life shirts, it also has Graphic tees anyone can wear!

Here are some shirts that I’m loving from this shop:

I recommend checking this shop out and treating yourself to something super cute: Laurel + Olive Etsy Shop

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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