Anastasia Beverly Hills Samples Review

I recently purchased something from Anastasia Beverly Hills from Ulta and if you spent $50 or more on an ABH product they would send you a free gift! I was so excited to get this because I knew it would be a little sample of something from ABH. I also want to review samples more often because it’s a great way to test a product to see if you want it or not.

They sent two really cute samples in a really pretty Anastasia Beverly Hills drawstring bag. I got a deluxe size sample of an ABH lip gloss and a deluxe size sample of ABH Brow Wiz! These cute minis are perfect for on-the-go makeup. This is especially great for on-the-go when you are doing your makeup in the car. Bringing hundreds of products to do your makeup in the car is not realistic, I would definitely grab these two over full-size products.

They sent me the lip gloss in the shade Toffee. The lip gloss looks like a pinkish/brown nude shade and it is super pretty! Then I got a mini Brow Wiz Pencil in the shade Soft Brown. Luckily, Soft Brown is the shade I use for eyebrow products. But, does this mean that everyone received the same shade when they got this Gift Set? It would really make me sad if I got an eyebrow pencil that wasn’t my shade so I couldn’t imagine how other people might feel if this is the case.

Honestly, these products are so amazing! I am so happy I got this little gift to add to my makeup collection. The lip gloss is a gorgeous nude with a beautiful sheen to it, the lip gloss also isn’t sticky or tacky at all! The eyebrow pencil works great as well, which I already knew since I’ve purchased the full size before! It gives great coverage and shapes/defines the brows really well!

I am overall happy with these samples and once I run out of this lip gloss I will definitely be grabbing another one! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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