Trying On My Mother’s Clothes

This might seem like a very weird post but allow me to explain. My mother was going through her closet and getting rid of a whole bunch of clothes. She was getting rid of stuff that was from when she was younger and also things that people have given her as gifts that she no longer wanted etc. She asked if I wanted any of the clothes and I took some shirts/jackets, a dress, and a couple pairs of pants. I wanted to try these clothes on and I figured I’d make a post on it!

The first thing that I grabbed was this Nike jacket. Athletic clothing is very in right now so I took this jacket and I think it looks pretty cute!

Next I grabbed a pair of Calvin Klein sweats because they looked extremely comfortable and they look really cute on!

I took a pair of loose joggers and these look super cute when I paired it with a crop top but I’d probably only wear these around the house.

I grabbed this cute dress because it looked like something I’d wear to the beach as a coverup.

One of my favorite items I grabbed was this tank top blouse with lace fringe. I thought this looked really cute on the hanger and on me!

I grabbed this lace sheer blouse because it had a Renaissance look to it which was seen a lot during both spring and fall fashion week this past year!

I took this comfy looking tunic because it looks relaxed and cute but it is also 100% silk!

I took a blazer that was definitely from the 80s but since blazers and shoulder pads are coming back in style I decided to grab this before it was tossed.

I got a really pretty fuzzy sweater. It’s super cute to wear and looks a lot like the fuzzy sweaters that are in style right now.

I got this oversized pearl and diamond embellished sweater. And yes, it’s as comfy as it looks!

Lastly, I got the matching Calvin Klein jacket to the Calvin Klein pants!

I thought all of these outfits were super cute and I enjoyed doing this post! I hope you enjoyed reading and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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