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Influenster VoxBox Review: Maybelline

I am extremely excited to review another VoxBox from Influenster! If you don’t know what Influenster is I will explain and trust me you will definitely want to know, especially because it’s 100% free! I am reviewing Maybellines Shine Compulsion by Colorsensational products.

If you already know what Influenster is then feel free to skip this part and go straight to the review. If you have no idea what Influenster is then you are in for a treat! Influenster is a company that is completely free to join and completely free to use. This company sends you free products to test in exchange for your reviews. The free products they send you are the products that come in the VoxBoxes!

So if you sign up for Influenster, how do you qualify to get a VoxBox? Okay, so VoxBoxes aren’t going to be sent to you immediately but there are things that you can do to further qualify yourself. You have to attach all of your social media accounts and this will give you an impact score. The more followers you have, the higher the impact score which will help you qualify for more VoxBoxes! You can also get expert badges in certain subjects by reviewing items in those certain subjects like beauty, health and fitness, mom life etc. This will direct the kind of VoxBoxes you will be getting. You will also be sent VirtualVoxes which isn’t a VoxBox but it’s an activity to do over the phone. They sometimes ask you to take a “shelfie” at a store (a selfie with a product on the shelf), they may give you a coupon to buy something and test it out, and sometimes they will ask you to review some products! Doing these things will get you badges and this will further your qualification for a VoxBox!

What else is great about Influenster? They ship the VoxBoxes completely free of charge to your house or P.O. Box! It is a great way to get free products and I’ve gotten about 10 VoxBoxes so far. If you want to join Influenster I will link a referral code down below!

The VoxBox Review:

I was extremely excited that I got this Maybelline VoxBox from Influenster to test out for free and I have been dying to try this product! Once this came in the mail I was ecstatic, I had immediately opened it and ran into my room to test it out. I actually squealed because I was so happy it finally came in.

So the products I received were the Shine Compulsion lip liner and the Shine Compulsion lipstick! The lip liner is in the shade Very Cherry and the lipstick is in the shade Scarlet Flame. The lip liner is in pretty durable packaging, but the lipstick packaging is absolutely gorgeous! This lipstick has a rose gold chrome packaging and would look perfect on the vanity.

The lip liner went on as easily as butter and is has a very pretty matte finish to it. I was surprised that this formula is drugstore because it is just as good as the leading brands that are found in Sephora or Ulta. There was also no bleeding or serious smudging unless I dragged my finger across my mouth.

I was pleasantly surprised by the lipstick as well! It was a very high shine lipstick that gave the lips a wet look. It was very pigmented and it didn’t bleed. It was a little sheer at first but after building it up the pigment was definitely there. I really enjoyed this product and I want to thank Influenster and Maybelline for giving me this complimentary product to test! I recommend trying both of these products out together!

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content. If you want to join Influenster you can sign up using my referral link:

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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