College Organization Hacks

It is college acceptance/ college application season! If you got accepted into a college, are putting in applications for college or already a college student this post is for you! Being a senior I’ve learned a ton of college organization hacks that might come in handy for some of you.

1. Get a cubby dresser with fabric drawers for your dorm room!

If you want a way to store anything without the clutter, a cubby dresser is the way to go. I would store everything from underwear, bras, socks, winter accessories and clothes in here to books, medicine, and hair products. It definitely limited the amount of clutter I had plus I had a surface to put my television on.

2. Get an accordion folder

After each semester there are certain notes, documents etc. that you won’t want to throw away. The accordion folder will keep everything together and it will help you to keep tabs on important documents.

3. Actually use your planner

I know in high school using a planner wasn’t always necessary but in college you will need one. Keep it organized with colored pens, highlighters, stickers and washi tape.

4. Get trunks for food and clothes

You will need somewhere to put your food and an under-bed storage trunk will definitely do the trick. Most storage trunks even have a hole in the middle so you can put a lock on it, just in case you have a roommate that likes to eat your food or if you simply want to keep your things private!

5. Get a flash card holder

You might not have used flash cards before but you will most likely need them in college. The best way to keep your flash cards together is to get a flash card holder.

6. Make designated folders on your computer for each class

This will help you keep all of your papers and documents in one place on your computer so you aren’t frantically searching last minute

7. ALWAYS save your paper with a title you will remember

When the time comes for you to print something, you will want to be able to find it.

8. Mark text books and notes with sticky notes and highlight anything in notes that professor repeats twice or more

This will help you find important information when it comes time to study. Also, if the professor says it more than once it will likely be on the exam!

9. Get a shower caddy

This will definitely be helpful when you have to shower in a communal bathroom. It’s easy to bring in and take out without having to carry tons of bottles of shampoos and soap

10. Get magazine holders and label them homework, read, finished

You can put assignments in each magazine holder so you stay on top of what needs to get done.

11. Set alarms 24-hours and another 2 hours before due date for online assignments.

This is great to stay on top of online and hybrid classes but you can use this even to remind yourself to get these assignments done.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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