How To Style Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are in and I couldn’t be happier or comfier. They are so cute and I just can’t stop wearing my Calvin Klein vintage mom jeans. But how can you Style mom jeans? I say to each their own but there are definitely some outfits that will look super cute with these jeans!

1. Style the jeans with a tight shirt or tank top.

Its a simple yet super cute look and gives shape to your body. I definitely recommend getting mom jeans that fit your body and shape well because you don’t want them to look too baggy on you.

2. Wear it with a lace corset or a bralette

As long as the occasion is right then you can wear this with a lace corset or bralette. This is a very attractive look and really makes the outfit pop.

3. Wear a sweater

This is such a cute and comfortable look! Definitely great when you want to just hang back and relax.

4. Wear an oversized t-shirt

I love this outfit together, there is definitely an 80s/90s feel to it. I’ve been seeing a lot of oversized t-shirts with high waisted mom jeans!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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