My Bralette Collection

Bralettes are a weakness of mine recently and I have a growing collection consuming my undergarment drawer! I wanted to share these really cute bralettes that I own and where I got them from.

I got this really cute striped bralette from Hollister! It was only around $12 which was a steal. I like to wear it as a crop top or just as something underneath a sheer top!

I got this super cute flowy bralette from PacSun! It definitely is meant to be showed off so I wear it more as tube top for a night at the beach or a concert! I think this top may have been around $10!

I got this very comfy bralette from Francesca’s! I love to wear this with white t-shirts to add a little pop of color to the outfit! I purchased this on sale for $15!

Another bralette I purchased on sale was this mauve pink one! I got this from PINK for almost $10 and wear this with comfy clothes!

I got this bralette from PacSun as well and it is my favorite one out of all of them! It’s so pretty and I wear it with anything I can to show it off! I got this one for about $15!

Target is the place to go for almost anything, and this is where I found this cute white bralette! This bralette was almost $15 and I wear it with most of my white clothing.

This is one that I purchased on a whim from Charolette Russe and it is super cute but I barely wear it! I got it for $7!

Lastly, another Target purchase for $15 got me this very cute purple bralette! This one I usually wear with see through white shirts or under anything really.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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