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Bridal Shower Outfit And Makeup

I had gone to a bridal shower today and I was so excited to go because it has been one year since the last time I attended a shower. I love bridal and baby showers because I am a huge fan of watching others open gifts. I also love playing the games that are incorporated into these kinds of parties (mostly because I am competitive and like getting free gifts)! But I really loved my outfit and makeup for this bridal shower and wanted to share.

For my makeup I did a neutral brown eyeshadow look but I went full glow-queen with the heavy highlighter. I also made sure that I did a wing for my eyeliner as well! My lips were left natural because I felt it gave me a more elegant and simple look.

For my outfit I wore a blue silk blouse from Hollister and paired it with some tan paper bag waist pants as well as a dark tan sweater. It is not pictured but I’m also wearing open toed jean heels! I wasn’t sure if the attire so I just wore this because I didn’t want to upstage the bride or bridesmaids by wearing something too fancy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and comment below what your go-to outfit is when you are unsure of the attire!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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