Before And After: Room Cleaning

As you may know from my previous post, I have permanently moved back home and will not be returning to live at my University! I wanted to move back home because it was my last year and it would be cheaper to commute this year than it would be to live on campus. Since I am graduating next spring I am not saddened by this because I’ve had enough “college experience” as one could and I am moving back home on a good note. But that good note turned bad quickly when I realized that I would have to fit two rooms worth of stuff and apartment stuff into one room.

So this is what my room looked like when I moved back:

It honestly looked like an episode of hoarders. I had no clue where to start cleaning and had no room or place to put anything away. What you see on the floor and bed is everything from school but all of my drawers at this point were already filled with clothes. It was really hard to manage but I did it slowly and started tackling the room piece by piece.

This is what the room looks like after I cleaned:

Did this take me one day to do? No. Way. This took me about a month to do. There was a lot that needed to be sorted out and put away and I finally finished a month later. While I was working on my bedroom I was occupying a guest bedroom in my house. I am so happy I finally finished it and now can finally sleep on my own bed.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below tips you’ve learned to help clean your room!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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