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Elf Luxe Lashes Review And Try On

I was in Target… as always, and I found these Elf Luxe Lashes and wondered if they were any good. I really wanted to review them because they look a lot like Ardell’s Faux Mink Lashes. Elf always has a ton of great products for a very affordable price point, so maybe their lashes are great in quality.

These lashes don’t look cheap at all, especially for getting them at the price of $4! I’ve purchased Ardell lashes for more and they looked cheaper than these. It is also in very cute and simple packaging. Just looking at how some of the Ardell lashes look and how they are packaged, I would definitely pick up the Elf lashes before I would pick up the Ardells to purchase.

When I took them out they definitely were thin and not sturdy lashes like high end brands, but for $4 they are quality lashes. The hairs on the lashes look real, and I think these lashes really accentuate my eyes. They stayed on all day (even after hard yard work) and I wore them three times already (only do this if you know how to take care of and clean lashes). These are definitely worth the purchase and I 100% recommend them. I purchased a few more sets already!

If you would like to purchase these lashes or any other Elf products you can use my code and get $5 off your next purchase:

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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