Mother’s Day Deals

If you sign up for emails from stores you know there were tons of last minute deals going on today! Mother’s Day Deals were all the rage this morning when I woke up to over 80 notifications of sales that were happening! So what stores had cool deals for Mother’s Day?

Under Armor

Exercise clothes can get pretty expensive, but Under Armor had a 25% Off Deals this Mother’s Day.

Bath And Body Works

Bath and Body Works also had a great deal of $10 off $30. It’s a great deal especially because I can easily spend $30 in a Bath And Body Works!

Charolette Russe

Charolette Russe had a really cool deal today as well, where you can purchase beauty products or fragrance and get a free nail polish with your purchase! If I wasn’t busy, I totally would have went to the store and gotten that free nail polish!


H&M had 15-20-30% off both in-Store and online today! Also, if you purchased online you got free shipping!

New York Times

I know New York Times isn’t really a “store” but they did have a sale for Mother’s Day, where you could subscribe for 50% off.


Lastly, Michaels art supply store gave 30% off all regular price purchases for Mother’s Day which was valid in-store and online!

I hope you enjoyed going through some cool deals that are going on today, and if there is something you would like to use, feel free!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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