Outfits I Regret

There are certain outfits we don’t mind putting on our blog or Instagram for the usual #OOTD posts. But what about the outfits we are embarrassed to have even wore? I know I have some.

This is definitely number one. A dark blue quarter sleeve shirt, pink pants and some horrific gray pointed toe heels! What was I thinking?!

Here’s those pink pants again! But this time with black combat boots and a white Graphic Tee. Not only is this a scary looking outfit in general, I’m wearing brown accessories with it!

A pair of purple pants and a light blue shirt and white shoes. Talk about mismatch! Who let me out of the house like this?

A really fancy red coat with ill fitting gray pants and dirty white boat shoes. I really hope I was planning on taking that jacket off when I got to wherever I was going.

And lastly, an outfit that made me seriously question if I dress myself in the dark. I am wearing a gray sweater with a powder blue tank top, a teal scarf and blue jeans. It’s not too terrible until you add the fact that I’m wearing brown boots and also look at how I am wearing my scarf.

I hope you had a good laugh while looking at these awful outfits I’ve put together in the past and comment down below your favorite out of all of them!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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