DIY Ripped Hem Jeans

Seeing the trend of the ripped hem jeans, I totally was obsessed with the rugged look. But I haven’t been looking to purchase a pair by myself because I already have so many pairs of jeans. I also didn’t want to purchase any jeans when it’s going to be summer soon! So I figured I would rip the hem myself and skip the spending money part.

What you’ll need:

• Old Pair Of Jeans (Not Super Skinny)

• Sharp/Heavy Duty Scissors

• Chalk

• Seam Ripper, or Razor, or Tweezer

• Needle

• Ruler

Step 1:

Try your pants on and see how much you want to cut and measure. I could get away with 1/2 inch! Measure with your ruler and mark it with your chalk.

Step 2:

Making sure your pants are even on both sides, cut along the marked line you drew the chalk on. The scissors have to be sharp or heavy duty otherwise it will be a messy cut.

Step 3:

Take your seam ripper, razor or tweezer (I used tweezers) to rough up the bottom. You do this by pulling on the threads sticking out.

Step 4 (Optional):

If you only want the hem ripped/torn, then stop at Step 3 above! If you want more rips in them, cut a horizontal piece out of the jeans (keep the edges attached).

Step 5:

Take a safety pin or needle and separate the threads by running the needle through the threads vertically.

Step 6:

Use the tweezer to pull out the blue threads (or vertical threads) out from the jeans. Be careful to not rip the white threads because this will give you the ripped jeans look!

Finished Product:

You can make the rips larger or smaller, and make more rips if you’d like too! I hope you enjoyed this DIY post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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