A Year In Review

It has been a whole year with my blog Not Too Shabby Chic Fashion and honestly, having this blog has changed my life for the better. It has allowed me to be more comfortable and confident with myself and in my writing. I am elated I have had such a great experience with blogging thus far and gained such amazing subscribers.

I haven’t even realized it has already been a year until WordPress told me! It was a nice surprise to wake up to. I’m thinking of having a small get together in celebration of my blog being 1-year-old. This blog is like my baby.

My Stats The Past Year:

This was in 2017, and my most viewed has been my homepage with 557 views, and my second most viewed post is Tarte Treasure Box: Review and coming in third for 2017 is Jeffree Star Holiday Collection: Swatch And Review!

My stats for 2018 are a little bit lower since it this year has just started but my first highest post in 2018 was the Jeffree Star Holiday Collection: Swatch And Review with 397 views, in second is Home Page/ Archives with 191 views!

I hope you have enjoyed this year with me and comment down below how long you’ve been reading!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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