Etsy Shop Review: Uptown Greek

Etsy, the place where you buy personalized gifts for others and contemplate keeping them because they are so cute. Or maybe this is just me, but this happens to me constantly! I, of course, still give the person their gift but I can’t say that keeping it doesn’t run through my mind. I felt this way about one shop in particular, and I ended up not taking someone else’s gift but buying myself the exact same one!

I felt this way about Uptown Greek. This is an Etsy Shop that sells everything Greek life related, from apparel to water bottles! I’ve purchased a ton of gifts for my Littles from this shop and I recommend getting Greek life gifts here. Everything has amazing quality and there is such a wide variety of products to choose from. It’s honestly like a one-stop-shop!

From here I first purchased this Zeta Tau Alpha water bottle I saw someone else get as a gift. It was so cute I needed to get myself one especially for the beach. So I purchased this and when it came in the mail I excitedly opened the package and this water bottle definitely surpassed my expectations. It’s a hard durable plastic with a gorgeous decal and it is sealed tight so there are no leaks. I was so happy with this purchase that I’ve come back to this Etsy Shop a couple more times to buy other things!

I recommend checking Uptown Greek’s Etsy Shop out for all of your Greek life needs: Uptown Greek Etsy Shop

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below a favorite product from Uptown Greek’s Etsy Shop!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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