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DIY Date Night

Date night doesn’t always have to consist of going out and spending money. You can have a date night at home without the large cost. I’ve had a DIY date night plenty of times and it’s even better than going to a restaurant to eat.

What you’ll need:

• An On Demand movie

• Your favorite dinner to cook together

• Snacks

– Optional –

• Tapered candles and candle holders (Dollar Tree has this)

• Fresh flowers

First, you can both cook together your favorite meal. My boyfriend and I love making chicken pesto pasta together, so that is our go-to. We then go outside either on the terrace or down at the gazebo and set up the table with a table cloth, fresh flowers in a vase, lit tapered candles, the food, drinks, and some desserts to snack on later (s’mores and skittles).

We then pick a movie and watch it on the projector screen outside (we use amazon fire stick to do this but you can be inside and watch it on your TV On Demand/ on Netflix). We then eat our snacks and watch the movie together by the fire pit.

We do this a lot instead of going out because it’s more romantic and intimate than going to a loud restaurant. We like to be on the terrace or at the gazebo because we like to decorate the walkway with streamers and balloons and also both places have string lights which set the romantic mood. You don’t have to be THAT extra but sometimes it’s nice to have a little date that costs you next to nothing!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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