Bela Premium Luxury Bath Bomb Review

I got the Bela Premium Luxury Bath Bomb as a gift and I am so excited to review it. I have been waiting to test this Bath Bomb when it came closer to springtime/summertime because it is sea salt scented and has the vibrant color of blue! I love sea salt scents so I’m hoping I love this bath bomb just as much as I love the smell.

The only thing that was difficult and I would say is a con to this product is how hard it is to get out of the shrink wrap. But I also understand that the bath bomb has to be packaged well enough to sell. I had to use scissors to open this. Regardless of the trouble I had opening the product, it looked so pretty. It looked like a blue sky with some clouds.

I took some short clips of putting the bath bomb in the water:

This bath bomb honestly works just as fast and just as well as bath bombs from Lush! It also has a nice fragrance to it, obviously being sea salt but it’s not to strong but still noticeable.

It fizzes to the point where the water beneath is bubbling like a jacuzzi bath. The color is super vibrant as you can tell in this video.

A lot of bath bombs get to the end and barely break apart, leaving you with tons of small crumbs to clean up after the water is drained. This bath bomb completely dissolved. I held the last of it as it withered away to nothingness.

The water was left as an almost bright aqua color. It was super sparkly and looked like a blue nebula! This bath bomb was super luxurious and I am super happy that I was able to test it out! Overall, I am super happy with the product!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your favorite bath bomb scent!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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