Etsy Shop Review: Hazel and Birdie

As an Etsy and small business enthusiast I constantly purchase things from Etsy shops and I love to review the shops that I’ve purchased things from previously. I love to share my experiences so you, my fellow readers, know what shops to check out. I hope with these reviews I can shine the light on some amazing shops and the products they hand make for their customers.

I had purchased a product from the Etsy shop Hazel and Birdie. This shop sells things from vinyl stickers, headbands, bows, high chair banners, party supplies, little lace crowns, custom cake toppers to door signs. I purchased a custom cake topper for my 20th birthday cake that said my name on it! Of course I got my name in glittery gold. So how did the cake topper come out?

I still have it to this day (obviously with the cake and icing completely cleaned off)! I loved this product so much I decided to use it as decor in my bedroom. Since I am very particular about my bedroom decor it says something when I’m willing to display a piece of decor, I really have to love it! I like that it’s so personalized and it even made my birthday even more special having my name on my birthday cake.

I was super happy with this purchase and it was extremely affordable, I only paid $8.50 plus shipping! It also shipped to my house right away and I didn’t wait too long for my order to get to me. I definitely recommend buying from this Etsy shop and feel free to check their shop out: Hazel and Birdie Etsy Shop

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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