Pamper Session Favorites

When you have yourself a pamper session you can’t help but get excited about your favorite parts. Everyone has a different meaning of what a pamper session is because we all like different things that make us feel pampered! So what is a pamper session for me?

A pamper session in my book is a relaxing day where you wake up and go to the gym and go tanning. You then go home and can take your time getting ready and you can put on a full face of makeup without being rushed. Then you get your hair done at the salon, and nails done by a nail technician. You can then end your day with a face mask, a bubble bath with a bath bomb and lit candles.

My favorites when it comes to a pamper session are:

Going Tanning

• Being able to put on makeup without being rushed

• The feeling of having freshly cut, dyed, and blown out hair.

• The feeling of getting a fresh set of nails

• Doing a Face Mask

These are my favorite parts of a pamper session! I hope you enjoyed reading this and comment down below what your favorite parts of a pamper session is.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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