DIY At Home Spa Night

Going to a spa can be extremely expensive and even doing DIY spa stuff can get pricey. So how can you transform your home into a relaxing spa without it breaking the bank?

You will need to take a trip to your local dollar store and Target to do this and I promise it will be cheap (as long as you don’t end up like me who goes into Target for one thing and comes out with stock in Target)!

What you will need:

Dollar Store:

• Bubble Bath (most dollar stores have safe bubble bath for kids, this will work just fine)

• Baby Oil (I’ve seen small bottles of baby oil at many dollar stores and this can be used for massages)

• Foot Soak/Epsom Salt (this might be dollar store brand but as long as it has the same ingredients as leading brands as well as safe ingredients you should be fine)!

• Nail Polish (if you don’t have nail polish at home then grab some dollar store nail polish, they sometimes have brands like Milani, Revlon, Maybelline and more)


• Face Mask (Que Bella, and Miss Spa are fairly affordable starting at $1.17)

• Bath Bomb (Zoella is only $4.50 which is very affordable for a bath bomb)


• Grab a Hask (hair masks are great to do during a spa night, I recommend Palmers Coconut Oil hair mask which is $1.39)

• Grab some lemons, limes, cucumbers and mint to make detox water and also cucumbers can be put over the eyes.

• Rose Water mist (Garnier has one for $6.99)

All of this would cost about $20 and that is saving you a lot more than if you would have gone to an actual spa! You can use dollar store baby oil to get a massage from your significant other or look up ways on YouTube to massage yourself. You can then wash off with dollar store bubble bath and an affordable bath bomb to make your bath time enjoyable. During your bath you can even do your hair mask. If you want to turn it up a notch then pour yourself a glass of wine (as long as you are of age to drink) play some relaxing music and light a candle. Then when you get out of the bath you can spray your face with some rose water and do a face mask with some chilled cucumbers over your eyes.

After, you can drink some detox water while soaking your feet in epsom salt or a foot soak from the dollar store in your bath tub, a personal foot spa or even a rectangular container from the dollar store. Once you’ve finished your foot soak then you can do your nails! And voila you have just had yourself a nice DIY at home spa night that won’t break the bank!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below what you like to do to make your spa night relaxing!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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