DIY Wall Letters

Whether you are in a sorority or just want your initials on your wall, wall letters are a cute way to display your letters! I recently made a pair of wall letters and I wanted to share them! I thought they were very cute although they were not for me to have but were a gift!


• Wooden Letters

• White Paint

• Colored Paint

• Paint Marker

Step 1:

Purchase the supplies at local art supply store, I recommend Michaels because you are able to use competitors coupons.

Step 2:

Paint the letters white for a base coat. I suggest this as a step because you want the color you choose for the letters to be as vibrant as possible.

Step 3:

Paint the letters the color you chose!

Step 4:

Take the paint marker in the color you chose and draw scallops around the edges of the letters.

Step 5:

Draw paisley-type doodles in the corner and edges of the letters. You can either print a picture for reference, look it up on Pinterest or do it free hand.

I think the letters came out super cute and I am super obsessed with the way they look. Since I have three letters I kept the middle one plain to add contrast!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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