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Makeup I Found At The Dollar Tree

Recently, at the Dollar Tree I have been noticing a lot of drugstore makeup brands that I am familiar with. There are brands like Wet N’ Wild, Revlon, N.Y.C., L.A. Colors, Elf, and more. I keep finding myself in the makeup isle of the Dollar Tree constantly buying makeup I don’t need, but want! So what did I purchase?

I got an Elf eyebrow lifter and filler, this product is usually sold for $3! I was able to purchase it through the Dollar Tree for only $1! I used the eyebrow lifter and filler and it works well, especially for the affordable price I got it for!

The next item I got from the Dollar Tree was Elf’s moisturizing lipstick in shade Party in the Buff! This product also is listed as $3 but I got it for $1 at the Dollar Tree. I tried the lipstick on and it is a perfect shade of pink and definitely helps keeps my lips hydrated.

The last item I got from the Dollar Tree was Elf’s under eye concealer and highlighter. This product is $3 but I, again, got it for $1 at the Dollar Tree. The concealer is super sheer and is good to conceal everything other than the under eye area (which is what it was supposed to be for but it’s a thin product and could never give enough coverage). For the highlighter, it is really nice when lightly applied with the finger onto the skin if you are wearing makeup (otherwise it will lift the foundation). If you are not wearing makeup then you can apply it with the applicator!

I hope you enjoyed this haul of makeup I found and purchased from the Dollar Tree! Comment down below what kind of makeup you have found at your local dollar store!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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