Earth Day Inspired Outfit

Earth day is upon us and today it is important to remember our role on this Earth. Our role is to protect the planet we live on from pollution and things that can harm the planet. Every small action can make a big difference on this planet and it’s important to do those small actions. Whether you recycle, clean up litter, carpool, or are an environmental activist you are doing something to help this planet. I urge everyone to do one more thing than they usually do to help the planet. So if you already recycle, then try to carpool more as well. I personally am going to be supporting more groups that do clean ups and more by donating money to and/or assisting in clean ups. I am dedicating today’s posts to Earth day to continue the conversation in multiple communities like the fashion and beauty community! Happy Earth Day!

I wanted this Earth Day outfit to be inspired by depiction of Mother Nature. I took the pictures in the woods because I wanted to focus on nature and also a huge issue on this planet which is deforestation. A way you can help is to limit your amount of paper use and try to go digital. You can even buy tree seeds and go to a forest or even your backyard and plant them! You can also stay away from companies that cause deforestation or donate to a nonprofit that deals with deforestation.

Here is a nonprofit organization that raises money to plant trees for “reforestation”! This is a great cause and worth donating to and checking out: One Tree Planted. Trees help us breathe!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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