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Earth Day Inspired Makeup

Happy Earth Day readers! This is an important day for this planet, because this is the day when people are reminded that our actions as beings on Earth have consequences. I urge all of us to do our part to protect this planet, not just today but everyday from here on out. Even if it’s as small as picking up someone else’s littering, choosing to recycle, cutting up the plastic that binds a pack of cans together, or being an activist against global and local pollution. So I am taking this day to make my posts related to Earth Day, and doing my part in continuing the conversation of protecting the planet we live on, climate change and more by relating it to the fashion and beauty for personal expression on this topic.

I did an eye look that was inspired by flowers and plants on our planet:

I made a floral winged eyeliner. This fun and funky look just reminded me of the beauty of the planet and how if we want to continue to see the beauty of plants, animals, insects and flowers we have to protect the planet! Such a cute eye look!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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