What’s In My Travel Makeup Bag

It’s something I say a lot on my blog, and something I will continue to say. I am always on-the-go! Having a travel makeup bag is a result of being a busy person. So what’s in my travel makeup bag?

I have a really great idea for your travel makeup bag, and it’s something I do constantly. A lot of the time your primer has too many ounces to bring on a plane so my solution is to bring samples of primers instead! Also, I bring a liquid foundation and a beauty blender. I also bring a concealer, cream contour sticks and a liquid highlighter. I like to do this because I feel that my powder makeup isn’t safe on-the-go. There has been many instances where my powder makeup broke because it was tossed around in my bag and/or suitcase. So I like to play it safe and bring liquid and cream products. To set the makeup I just bring a bronzer with a makeup brush. For mascara, to conserve space I bring a deluxe size sample of mascara and I also bring a deluxe size sample of liquid lipstick as well!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below what is in your travel makeup bag!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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