Colored Eyeliner Using Liquid Lipstick

I’ve seen many beauty gurus and Pinterest pins of people with bright colored eyeliner and I always sat there wondering what brands they were using and how they got such pigment from a colored liner. In my experience, a lot of colored eyeliners aren’t very pigmented and need multiple coats of the product to get a good color pay-off. I have heard of people using liquid lipsticks as eyeliner but never dared to even try it, until now anyway. I decided I wanted to do something fun and new so this was it.

I chose to use the Jeffree Star Cosmetics 2017 holiday line velour liquid lipstick in shade Mermaids Blood! This shade is a gorgeous teal color and I wanted to pair this liquid lip eyeliner with a natural shadow look to make the liner’s color pop. I am using an eyeliner brush to apply this to my lid.

At first I felt that using liquid lipstick as an eyeliner was hard because the product doesn’t glide on as well as an actual eyeliner and dries faster so it isn’t as easy to manipulate. But nonetheless I persisted and found a technique that was working for me, which was having a generous amount of product on the eyeliner brush so the product could be quickly applied without having to dip the brush a bunch of times. The end result looks gorgeous and I even decorated the selfie I took with a border! Once all was said and done and I went to remove this makeup, that’s where I ran into trouble. I had to use an oil based makeup remover because the liquid lipstick was tough to take off the eyes but it still is a cute idea and look!

This was a lot of fun and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and comment down below if you’ve tried this before!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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