Zoella Fizz Bar Bath Fizzer Review

I’ve seen Zoella Fizz Bars all over the Target beauty section and have always been curious about them. I love bath bombs but have never seen them in the shape of a bar of soap, so this automatically got me intrigued. I finally purchased one and decided to test it out and share my results!

The Zoella Fizz Bar is about the same size as a bar of Dial soap which is decently sized for a bath fizzer. The packaging for this product is definitely something that aided my decision to purchase because it looks so cute! The product was easy to open and it came in a block of two. So you can snap off one side and keep the other or use both.

The result was very satisfying! There was no color to the bath bomb, it was just white and it made the water cloudy instead of colored. The bath bomb smelled amazing though and there was no leftover residue in the bath tub which means it dissolved completely! I was really happy with this product especially since it was $4.50. I don’t think that this fizz bar is meant to be compared to other bath bomb brands because in comparison it is underwhelming. But I do think this fizz bar is solely meant to make the water fragranced and moisturize the skin which it proved to do.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below if you use bath fizzers!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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