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Date Night Makeup Idea

When you and your significant other want to have a date night out, sometimes you just want to take your time to pamper yourself and get ready. You take a bubble bath with a bath bomb and a lit candle, you do a face mask, then take a shower following a thorough routine and maybe even a hair mask. After, you decide to do a 10-Step facial routine, prep your skin for makeup, blow dry and straighten or curl your hair and then uh-oh you are ready for makeup. With tons of looks you can do, what one will you pick? Well, I did my makeup for date night and wanted to share the look to help the mind-block.

I did a rose gold eye-look that I am totally here for! In the Moschino X Sephora palette I started with a base color for my whole lid, I did this to soften the eyeshadow primer. I used the light tan shade Adore as my base shade. I then used the tan shade Barely Bare as my transition shade and then put the lighter coral shade Clay on top of that one and blended.

After, I used the dark brown shade Bound Brown in my crease. I did this to add dimension and also help the rose gold pop when I apply the rose gold shimmer shade to the lid. I then used the shimmer rose gold shade, Penny’s From Heaven on my lid and in the inner corner of my eye. I then smoked out my bottom lash line with the shade Clay. I wore a nude lip with this look and a coral colored blush to top it off!

I chose this makeup for a date night look because I feel that rose gold and coral are very whimsical and pretty. This will give a radiant and glowy look for your date night. This look will also look nice with many different outfits as well!

I hope you enjoyed this date night makeup idea and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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