Ways To Keep Up With Hygiene

Hygiene is very important and is just as important as being healthy and making healthy choices. Sometimes, as busy human beings, we fall short in some aspects of hygiene. It is definitely hard to keep up with, especially when you have a busy or on-the-go lifestyle. But I figured out ways to keep up with hygiene as well as stay healthy!

The best advice is something I will discuss first. You must keep a consistent schedule of working your hygiene for this to be a routine. Scheduling is the best way to make sure you are covering all of the bases of hygiene and so it all doesn’t seem so overwhelming. So start off by getting a calendar together (just for now until you memorize the routine) and then brainstorm what hygiene you want to better practice. Then write up a schedule on the calendar during the week for hygiene which you will be following.


Showering should be done daily but this also doesn’t mean to wash your hair every time you are in the shower. Washing your hair constantly will make it extremely dry and brittle. Wash your hair every few days when needed depending on your hair type. Make sure to shower daily but try not to shower more than once a day. You should have 1-2 days a week when you wash your body and wash your hair. The other days should be filled with body washing and hair mask days and body washing, face mask and shaving days. Also make sure to set aside at least 1-2 days a week for exfoliating your body! As for bathing, it shouldn’t be done often because it severely dries out the skin but if you do take a bath make sure to limit how many you take per week and also shower before your bath to cleanbody so you aren’t sitting in dirtiness from that day. If you like to take baths often make sure you limit yourself to a couple of times a week for only 15-30 minutes at a time. Science says if you take baths for long periods of time every day your skin can actually fall off. Yikes.


Having a good skincare regimen is essential for having good hygiene. You must figure out your skin type (dry, oily, normal, or combination) and from there research good methods for skincare according to your skin type. I have dry skin which means I should be careful around skincare containing alcohol, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, and other drying agents (AHAs). You should have a morning as well as a night routine for your skincare. There should also be one day a week where you exfoliate your face (make sure to buy an exfoliator made for your face whereas body exfoliators can be too rough for facial skin). You should also make sure you are wearing some type of SPF everyday to protect from the sun. The last advice for skincare is to make sure you are doing a face mask 1-3 times per week (make sure to mix it up and not overload on charcoal, clay or brightening masks. Do a moisturizing mask, a brightening mask, and a detox mask. Mix it up because too much of one thing can damage your skin) and using an anti-aging night cream 3-4 times per week for dry and normal skin and lessening it for oily and combination skin.

Makeup Removal

It may be a surprise to some that a makeup wipe will not effectively take off all of your makeup. If you only have one step to your makeup removal, you are probably doing it wrong. This advice is only to help you get a better idea of how to properly take care of your skin which is a part of hygiene. If you sleep with makeup on, or do not properly take makeup off your skin ages rapidly, causes acne, dull complexion from trapped dead skin cells, and other harmful effects. You should be taking your makeup off with a makeup wipe or cleansing oil, make sure to get off all eye makeup (don’t leave clumped mascara or eyelash glue on your lashes) use a gentle cleanser to wash your skin (micellar water is a great cleaner), make sure to wash your hairline and neck as well. Make sure to moisturize after removing makeup.

Miscellaneous/Basic Hygiene

There are other things that have to do with hygiene that don’t have a specific category. This is making sure you apply antiperspirant/deodorant daily (if you have an allergy to this or opt not to use it for health reasons or risks, if you are interested you can find a natural alternative like Tarte’s clean queen vegan deodorant or use things like lemon juice or witch hazel which are natural deodorants). Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Make sure you wash your clothes and not re-wear dirty clothes/underwear. Make sure if you are using feminine hygiene products like tampons, divacups or pads you change them accordingly. Make sure you are using a body wash that best suits your body like a natural feminine wash for your lady parts, Dove if you need a moisturizing body wash, an acne wash if you have body acne and so on. Make sure if you want to shave you should do so a few times a week and make sure you go with the grain of the hair to prevent in grown hairs; you can shave your legs everyday but it can cause possible skin irritation. Make sure you wash your sheets and pillow cases once a week otherwise this can cause a build up of dirt and oil which will cause breakouts. Make sure to clean makeup brushes and sponges that apply face makeup like concealer and foundation at least once a week, eyeshadow brushes need to be cleaned at least twice a month but can be cleaned more if you prefer to do so. This will prevent the spread of bacteria and also keep your brushes and sponges to have a severe amount of product buildup. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom and before cooking. Try to keep your nails and cuticles trimmed. Make sure to get your hair cut to keep your hair healthy.

Hygiene is very important to keep us healthy and it’s just as easy as keeping a schedule and making good hygiene a habit. I hope these things help and make sure to sign up for email notifications for when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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