Packing An Overnight Bag Successfully

When packing to stay somewhere for just one night may seem easy but sometimes it can be near impossible to figure out what is best to pack and what is best to leave at home. I decided to pack my bag and help you figure out what to put in it.

First, I started off with my Burberry duffel bag! I chose this bag because it’s comfortable to carry around and it’s a good size so I can fit my items inside without a struggle.

I recommend getting an outfit together for your overnight stay. We all know how it feels to leave a hotel or a friends house in the morning… we are usually dressed in half pajamas half regular clothes. Having an outfit already picked out would help prevent that.

I recommend bringing any makeup, and toiletries with you. Bring your everyday makeup, tooth paste, tooth brush, travel shampoo/conditioner and soap, hair brush, hair products, floss, and other assorted toiletries. You can’t expect every hotel or even a friends house to have the toiletries you need so it’s best to bring your own!

Definitely bring your pajamas and socks/slippers. I would even bring an extra pair of pajama shorts so if it is hot in the room you are staying in you can always change into something cooler.

Make sure you bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes and your undergarments. It’s definitely important to remember to bring undergarments because sometimes you are trying to remember what to bring and forget the simple stuff like underwear. Comfy shoes are important to bring as well because if the shoes you originally brought are giving you blisters, you will definitely want another pair of shoes to throw on.

I like to fold everything neatly when putting it in the bag because it makes it easier to find items and gives you more room to add any last minute things!

And viola! You have an overnight bag ready to go! I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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