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Avon True Color Mascara Review

I have never really purchased makeup from Avon before and technically still haven’t. I was given this mascara as a gift from a family member because they don’t really wear makeup. I decided I wanted to review it because Avon makeup is usually makeup that you purchase from an independent seller. I have only heard of this brand because I knew my great grandmother used to sell it and so did one of my friends from high school! I was so excited to try this product out.

I want to talk about the packaging first because I was expecting the packaging to be cheap but it isn’t. This product actually has decent packaging and it looks sleek with the chrome teal color to it. I was pleasantly surprised by this, so maybe other things will also surprise me!

The want is pretty dense and thick, and it’s made of rubber instead of bristles. I’ve used mascara brushes from the drugstore that are like this. This mascara brush looks similar to Covergirl mascara brushes.

The instructions were on the packaging of the product and stated: To use, apply mascara using sweeping upward strokes for shocking results.

The results were definitely shocking to say the least. My lashes look amazing! I felt this mascara not only helped in lengthening my lashes but also making them appear thicker. I wore this mascara all day and didn’t have any flakiness or difficulty removing the mascara either.

To give a closer look at my lashes, I am in love! This mascara is retail price is $5.99 which is a third of what I pay for leading brands and it does a better job than other name brand products. The only con I have about this product is that the formula doesn’t smell good, it’s not an extremely strong scent but it was something I noted while testing the mascara.

I definitely recommend trying this product, and if you know someone who sells Avon then support them by purchasing it directly from them instead of online! I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below if you’ve tried Avon products before.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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