Best SPF Lip Balms

The summer is creeping up on us and SPF lip balm is definitely something everyone should invest in. Protecting your skin and lips from the sun is very important and prevents damage. We all have different preferences on what lip balm we like best but there are lip balms with and without SPF in it. So if you don’t normally wear SPF lip balm what do you choose while shopping for one? No need to fear, the list of the best SPF lip balms is here!

Softlips Classic with SPF 20

I like this SPF lip balm because it soothes the lips, gives protection from the sun and has a nice scent at the same time! This lip balm is $2.99 from Target.

Sun Bum with SPF 30

Sun Bum is an amazing chapstick. These chapsticks have a slick feel to them, moisturizes your lips very well, they smell godly and have a high SPF Of 30! This lip balm pack is $9.99 from Target.

Burtsbees with SPF 15

Burtsbees is definitely my go-to chapstick in general but it works wonders as an SPF chapstick and it really helps already sunburnt lips. This lip balm pack is $6.80 at Target.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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