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Kat Von D x Divine Palette Review

Kat Von D came out with a collaboration palette with Divine, a drag icon! This palette was much anticipated and I was so excited to play with it! There are tons of fun colors to work with, this has definitely been the most exciting palette KVD has released this year.

The packaging is super cool and I love that the eyes on this palette are literally looking into my soul. The palette has a really cool lime green rim around it and is definitely made of quality materials.

I am super obsessed with the inside of the palette. There are eight gorgeous shades with very interesting and very beautiful color scheme. I absolutely adore the Divine famous brows on the mirror of the palette as well.

As for the shades there is Babs a dusty golden shade, Black Magic a dark smokey black shade, Baltimore a sparkling navy blue, Waters a sky blue shade, Filthy a dark gray sparkle shade, Pink Flamingos an electric lime green shimmer shade, Female Trouble a bright white shade, and Hairspray a silver/chrome shade. All of these shadows have an enormous amount of pay-off and are amazing! They blend very well and have very nice pigmentation.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your favorite shade from this palette!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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