Amazing Apps You Need

Apps are what make having a smartphone worthwhile. They allow you to connect with others, organize your life easily, and give you fun things to do while occupying your time. There are definitely some apps that require the attention of everyone, in my opinion. These are apps that I would find it hard to know of unless someone told you about them or somehow ran into them yourself. So which ones are they?


I recommend downloading and using Poshmark. This is an app where you can sell used clothing, accessories, unused products, shoes, and other fashion products from your closet or even start an online boutique. No face-to-face meeting is required, the buyer even pays for shipping! You can even purchase clothes from other sellers as well! If you would like to download this app you can use my referral code after making an account STEPHRUSS0811 which will give you $5 after your first purchase!


EBates is a great way to shop online and with your credit card and earn cash back for every purchase made! You just shop through their app and EBates automatically keeps track of how much cash back you will receive and sends you a check for money you’ve earned back! If you are an avid shopper, this is like getting some money back just for shopping! If you would like to download and sign up for EBates you can use my referral code to get an automatic $10 cash back at sign up: https://go.ebat.es/R0vBjTESPM


PhotoGrid is a great app for making collage pictures and also making your pictures Instafit size (the white bars on each side of a picture)! It’s a great app that works super smoothly and it even has filters, stickers to add onto the photo, retouch, scrapbook features and more!


Do you like getting things for free? Well there is an app that allows you to get 85 printed pictures for free each month with just the price of shipping (shipping usually costs around $10)! So you no longer have to pay tons of money for bulk photo purchases at Target, Walgreens, Walmart or CVS! This is great for those who scrapbook as well, just make sure that they aren’t cutting out pieces of your pictures, which can be adjusted after you’ve chosen which photos you want to print! If you want to sign up you can get 5 free bonus pictures a month using my referral link: https://fpus.app.link/invite?friend=srussell272&end=end


Influenster is something I constantly rave about! This app sends you free products to test in exchange for your reviews. You get sent VoxBoxes full of products to test out and earn badges and impact scores (scores that relate to your social media following) and each thing can allow you to win more VoxBoxes! If you want to download and sign up for Influenster to receive free products you can use my referral code: www.influenster.com/r/2113526

Closet Love

I will go in more depth with this app in a separate post but this app helps you organize your closet digitally!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below some cool apps you know of!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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