Apps That Helped Me In College

In college, any little extra help you can get from technology will benefit you! I have a few apps that I’ve used that have really helped me succeed in college. Plus, they’re all free which is definitely something a college student likes to hear!

1. Quizlet

This app will either give you answers to your homework/assignments, or you can use this to make flash cards online and it will help you study the flash cards, and it will even give you a small test on the flash cards as well! This has helped me pass four exams so far.

2. Mathway

Math is already hard, but Mathway will help you solve all your frustrating mathematic questions that keep you up at night (literally, I’m talking about the sleep deprivation we experience while in college math classes).

3. Voice Memos

You probably never thought voice memos was a necessary aspect of your phone since 2004 when we would all record ringtones, but it has become relevant once again. If you have that professor that doesn’t provide notes and just talks the whole class, you will need this. It will definitely help you, and it’s pretty nonchalant.

4. Venmo

A lot of college students use Venmo, as well as clubs on campus. So if you pass a bake sale and they accept Venmo, you will be happy you downloaded it if you rarely carry cash. Plus, it’s great to have if you ever need to pay people back!

5. Kindle

This is the answer to cheap books. Ebooks are the future and they even have an option for ebook rentals that make the books even cheaper!!!

6. Unidays

This app will allow you to use your student email to give you student discounts! I will make another post about this later on that is more detailed.

I hope you enjoyed this post and remember to subscribe for email notifications for when I post new content.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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