Must Haves For The Workspace

Your workspace can be considered your “zone” where you really need to get stuff done. I’ve always felt that having a neat and pretty workspace helps me think more clearly, get more done and be more motivated to do work. There are definitely things that I feel everyone should have in their workspace!

• Decorations that aren’t overcrowding your workspace (too busy of a workspace can make it harder to focus and might make you overwhelmed)

• A decorative theme (you don’t want your workspace to be all over the place so choose a nice theme to keep everything looking put-together)

• Cute and quality matching supplies

• A detailed calendar and planner

• Cute stationary

• An efficient computer

• Some personal pictures

• Emergency items (canned air for dust and messes on your desk, band aids, tampons/pads, tissues, tea, small sewing kit, tide stain remover stick, ear phones, small snacks, flats, extra phone charger, cup of noodles for when you forget lunch, poopouri, sample tester perfume, wrinkle release, lint roller, hand warmers)

• A mug for coffee, water or tea and coasters

• Small, easy to take care of plant

• Small clock

• Stress ball and fidget toy

• A USB hub and multiple USB drives

• Small portable fan and a small portable heater

• A cute mouse pad

• Fashionable notebooks, folders, file holder and extra paper

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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