Party Theme Ideas

We’ve all been there, when we have to choose a party theme and cannot think of anything! Well, luckily I am huge into party planning and have been coined as The Hostess With The Mostess! I’ve got you covered with party theme ideas.

• DIY Party- Everyone comes over and there are DIY stations for everyone to participate in and they get to go home with tons of goodies!

• Fiesta- If You Love Mexican food then have a culturally appropriate party for it! Have your friends make traditional Mexican food together and you can even have stations that explain true Mexican culture.

• Pancakes And Pajamas- I’ve seen this party theme all over and it’s super cute! Serve pancakes at your party as well as breakfast food and the only required attire would be Pajamas! It’s a comfy way to have fun

• Great Gatsby- Go back to the 1920’s with friends and dress up like you live in the roaring 20s! There are a ton of cute decor ideas for this party theme, you can even have a photo booth with flapper outfits and more!

• Unicorn- If you are into trends then a unicorn party might be for you! There are tons of cute things you can do for a unicorn party, like pin the horn on the unicorn!

• Starbucks- This is very simple, and a good last minute idea! You can just run to your local Starbucks, pick up some packages of coffee as well as K-Cups and ask for coffee cups with their straws etc.! Then you can brew the coffee you purchased, leave out your Keurig and make Starbucks cake pops with recipes online, and just fill the rest of the table with sweets!

• Garden- This is a ton of fun to do! You can have a garden party theme and decorate the rooms with foliage, flowers, and you can even have the party outdoors if you wanted to! For fun games during your party you can have groups make a floral bouquet with provided flowers in 3 minutes and vote for which one is the best. You can also have a bowl full of pedals and have guests guess how many pedals are in the bowl. You can even give succulents and flower seeds as take-home gifts.

• Vine/Meme- If you are a huge fan of Vines or Memes you can have this themed party! Everyone will come dressed as their favorite Vine/Meme and you can have Vine compilations playing the whole time! You can also give an award to best dressed, and even give goody bags with different funny memes taped on the bag.

• Perfect Instagram Picture Party- This is honestly the best theme I’ve come up with I think! This is a party where you have tons of stations that are amazing for Instagram backgrounds! You can take tons of cute instagram pictures and there can be a vote and prize for whoever posts the best Instagram picture. You can take small cut outs of the Instagram logo and attach them to toothpicks and stick them in cupcakes. You can have a designated hashtag for your party, you can also get a Snapchat filter for your party. This could be a super fun party to have! The take home gift could be Polaroids you take at the party or a picture frame both with assorted goodies!

• Spa Party- You can have a party like this as well. You will have designated stations for certain spa stuff and you can make everything at home and it will be your guests take home gift! I have a post on a DIY Spa Party I had!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas and if you ever use any of these make sure to tag me on social media!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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