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Makeup Products I Use Everyday

We all have those holy grail products that will never or will rarely ever change. These are makeup products that we use on the daily basis. Some things may come and go in your collection but these products usually stay consistent. So what are the products I use on a daily basis?

I use the FIT Me Maybelline foundation on a daily basis. I love this foundation because it’s affordable and it works just as well and sometimes even better than leading brands. I also use Tarte’s Shape Tape on a daily basis. This concealer is the only one I’ve found to not be overly cakey but also provides the amount of coverage I need. Another product I use on a daily is MAC’s Brow Gel. This waterproof brow gel has never smudged on me even after plenty of hours in pool, and ocean water as well as hours of sweat. Another daily product is the Kat Von D Shade n’ Light contour palette. This palette rarely ever changes because this is one of the first brands I’ve ever purchased a contour palette from. Lastly, something that will never change ever since I had my first prom. I will always use Duo eyelash glue.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your daily makeup products!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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