Beauty Boxes

I Canceled My Subscriptions!?

That title is a very loaded statement and I hope as you are reading you understand that we can all have different opinions on things and I completely respect that. But yes I did cancel a couple of my beauty subscriptions! Why did I do this?

Well, after a while I felt that I no longer enjoyed receiving beauty boxes from certain companies. The products seemed to continuously get smaller in size, they stopped sending name brand products and the quality of the products they would send was in decline. Personally, for me, these subscriptions weren’t worth it.

So what did I end up canceling exactly? I have ended up canceling my Ipsy beauty subscription. I canceled Ipsy because the products they were sending lessened in quality every month. Then I felt that I was paying more for the makeup bag than I was for the actual products (which is what I got the subscription for). It was $10 a month for something I stopped enjoying to open.

I had also canceled Birchbox. Birchbox and I already had a love-hate relationship because the products they would send were always hit or miss for me. The product quality was going up when I canceled but the products themselves were getting smaller. They actually considered a sample packet to be a product a few times. I wasn’t happy with paying $10 a month for samples I could be getting for free with Sephora purchases. Unboxing Birchbox stopped becoming fun and became aggravating at some points when I would get a few samples in a box.

I canceled these two beauty subscriptions but luckily I will still have my Boxycharm subscription and I recently just signed up for Bootaybag in place!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope I didn’t offend you, if these bags work for you then I am happy for you! They just haven’t been working for me! Comment below what subscriptions you have!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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