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Tarte April Fools Joke

April fools just happened to land on Easter this year so this past April Fools Day Tarte pulled a cute little prank on their tartelettes (their customers). But this prank seems to have gone wrong and backfired on the company!

Tarte released this photo on their story on April 1st showing a release of a new palette. The palette was named Tartelette Icy Betch that had a gorgeous blue gem stone and gold packaging. This palette was full of all cool tones with a white and some blues and greens. I was super excited when I saw this palette because it has very beautiful shades. I was severely disappointed when Tarte came out with the statement that this palette was an April fools joke and they were only having a sale this day.

There was definitely very upset tartelettes (customers) that got their hopes up and there was definitely an outcry over this joke. Some were genuinely upset that the company got them excited over something that wasn’t true, and others went off of Tarte, even Beauty influencers like Jeffree Star. A lot of people were saying that it was funny how the most innovative palette Tarte has come out with was a joke. Many explained how it’s frustrating that Tarte only comes out with warm tone palettes and neutral colors.

Jeffree Star commented below the statement “When their joke palette is 10 times more interesting that their last five launches…..” Many fans and customers were extremely upset by this and had the same opinion as Jeffree Star. Hopefully, after this disaster April fools joke Tarte can find a way to make amends with fans and customers.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below what you think about Started April fools joke!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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