Beauty Boxes

April Boxycharm

Yay! My favorite time of the month where Boxycharm is sent to my house! Personally, this beauty box subscription is the best. I’ve always got amazing products from Boxycharm and was never really let down. So what’s in the box this month and what is the box theme?

The theme this month is Bae-cation which seems to have a cute island feel to it. I got a PUR x Boxycharm palette, a Butter London double decker mascara, a Pretty Vulgar blush, some South Mane eye gel packs, and The Vintage Cosmetics eyeshadow brush pack. These products are super exciting but what really catches my eye is the Pretty Vulgar blush and it’s beautiful packaging!

This blush is super bright and there is amazing color pay-off! It has a gorgeous gold packaging that is definitely vanity worthy (I actually threw it on my vanity). This color is a little bright for me so I will have to go in light handed with this product! But this blush looks really nice on the cheeks, especially with a natural makeup look.

I was super interested when I received this product because I never knew Butter London made cosmetics other than nail polish! I love their play on words naming the mascara “Double Decker Lashes,” it gives a London feel to it since London has double decker buses. This mascara has a nice dark color to it and spreads the lashes nicely, I feel that this mascara definitely lengthens and volumizes the lashes. The wand is also surprisingly nice and large!

I have never heard of South Mane before but once I saw that there was under eye gels in the box I was immediately excited! I love skincare and I get overly excited when I get masks in subscription boxes. If there is anything I like to experiment with, it’s new skincare products. I tried these eye gels and I felt it helped with the circles under my eyes! I could also tell that it does moisturize as well. I was so happy they came in small packets so I can bring them on-the-go!

I could definitely tell this palette was bae-cation themed since this palette gave off such an island feel. I think the colors that really spoke to me were Nakey, Bae, MIA, and BFF! I can’t wait to play with this palette and use these cute pigmented shades!

Lastly but not least, I got The Vintage Cosmetics eyeshadow brush set! I noticed their subtle reference to the Elvis Presley song Blue Suede Shoes. The eyeshadow brushes have the phrases Step 1… for the money, Step 2… for the shadow, Step 3… go girl go. This is similar to the song’s lyrics “One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready. Now go, cat, go.” It is such a cute play on words, especially since these brushes are from a “vintage” brand! For the quality of the brushes, it holds a good amount of product, the brushes are synthetic and are soft. They also blend the product very well!

I really loved this months Boxycharm, there wasn’t one thing I didn’t like! I hope you enjoyed reading this and comment below what product you think is the best!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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