Beauty Tag Questions

I love Q&As so here is a beauty related Q&A coming your way!

1. What was your first makeup product ever?

Definitely lip gloss!

2. Do you wear fake eyelashes? How many times a week?

Yes I do and about 4 times a week!

3. How often do you shop for makeup?

Recently, not as often because I’m trying to save money to travel but typically a few times a week.

4. What product do you buy the most of?

I definitely purchase a lot of eyeshadow palettes!

5. Favorite bath and body brand?

Bath and Body Works (I am low key obsessed)!

6. What brand has the best packaging?

I honestly think Pat McGrath Labs hands down. So sick.

7. Do you belong to any beauty groups?

I belong to a few on Facebook!

8. How many hair products do you use on a typical day?

This depends on if I do my hair. I try my best to do it often but I always get lazy and put it in a bun instead. But if I do my hair I use about 10 products!

I hope you enjoyed this Q&A and please feel free to comment down below your answers to these questions! I found these questions from The Beauty Section’s Tag post!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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