The Accessory I Never Take Off

Some of us have that one anklet, necklace, ring etc. that we just never seem to take off. Whether it’s because it has meaning behind it or because your body feels like it’s missing something without it, the accessory never leaves! I also have one of those accessories that I will wear for a very long time.

For me it’s a sleek metal bracelet! I got this bracelet during the summer of 2015, around the month of June. I went on a trip in Europe and while in Brussels, Belgium there was a street artisan that made stamped jewelry. I decided I wanted to get matching ones for my boyfriend and I.

So I purchased my set of bracelets but sadly while in Italy I lost Ryan’s bracelet. But I wore my bracelet everyday since the day I got it. It has been 3 years already since I started wearing it! I hope you enjoyed this post and comment below any jewelry you always wear!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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