20 Things To Do Before You Are 20

If you are still under the age of 20, there are things you should do before you hit the big 2-0! Coming from someone who is leaving 20 behind in a few months, I have listed things that should be done before you turn 20!

1. Travel Abroad

It is so important to see the world and to embrace the culture of other countries! If you are able to, definitely travel abroad.

2. Find A Hobby You Love

Finding a hobby is very important in life. It’s something that will make you happy and preoccupied during down time.

3. Go To At Least One Party

I feel like experiencing one party before your 20’s is essential. You can let loose! You don’t have to drink or do anything you aren’t comfortable with, but as long as you are being careful and safe, it will be fun!

4. Get A Job Anywhere

Working teaches responsibility, and having a job before your 20’s will teach you important lessons that you will need to know as you move forward in life. Skills like time management, verbal communication, resilience, initiative and motivation are important and can be learned through working experience, no matter what job.

5. Fall In Love

Falling in love is amazing, and is something that you should experience before your 20’s. Don’t be afraid of the what if’s because if it is meant to be it will be, you just have to take the leap of faith. I’ve heard many people say their greatest love was their first love because they were young, carefree and had less responsibilities. Maybe you’ll even find the love of your life.

6. Have Some Sort Of Set Path

At this point you should kind of see where your life is headed. Make a 5 year plan, don’t worry if it changes (change is bound to happen). This way you at least have an idea of the general direction your life is headed towards and you can see a clear pathway.

7. Volunteer More

Volunteering is a great way to impact the community and doing more volunteering before your 20 is a great way to give yourself an sense of achievement and make a difference in the world.

8. Live With A Roommate or On Your Own

Living on your own or with a roommate before you are 20 is important if you have the chance to. This will give you some freedom, and also teach you how to fend for yourself.

9. Pull An All Nighter

There will be plenty of opportunities to do this before you turn 20, so take advantage of it and do it at least once. This will teach you to stop procrastinating and/or motivation to work until the project is finished.

10. Get Rid Of Toxic People

This is a time in your life where you should leave all of the negativity behind you and start fresh. This includes people and relationships that no longer make you happy or only bring drama.

11. Stay In Touch With TRUE Friends From High School

Stay in touch with your friends from high school that were true. True friends are hard to find so make sure to contact your friends from high school that were true, especially before you turn 20 so you don’t drift apart.

12. Go To Disney

Going to Disney is fun to do as a child but it’s also nice to feel like a child again when you go back and you are older! Also, if you haven’t experienced Disney yet, you should do it before you hit 20!

13. Be Selfish And Careless Sometimes

Don’t be selfish and careless all the time but when you feel like you have to be, do it. Once you are in your 20’s, there is no such thing anymore. You have a lot more freedom at a younger age to do what you want when you want. 20 comes with responsibility and little free time! So be selfish and be greedy with your own needs sometimes. Be careless and stop caring what others will think of your actions.

14. Get Organized

The best time to do before your 20’s hit is to get organized! It will help you in the long run! Get your resume straightened out, keep important documents together, learn how to budget money, keep a clean room/car and more!

15. Go To Prom

Prom may seem really dumb and annoying to some, and for others they might not want to deal with the drama. But I promise, go with a group of people that you really like and just have fun with it. Prom is amazing and when you’re 20 you might regret not going!

16. Change Your Hair

This could range from chopping it all off to dying it a different color. If you are afraid of doing this then style it differently! But change will be good before you turn 20, and sometimes that change just has to be a haircut!

17. Read For Pleasure

Read books that you aren’t forced to read, but books that you actually want to read! It’s so important to read, and especially to find a book genre before you turn 20 that you enjoy. You might not find too much time to read when you’re older, so try to read a lot now!

18. Graduate From School

Whatever degree you are looking to attain, get it! But if you don’t want to go to college, at least try your hardest to graduate high school or get a GED! This is an accomplishment you will forever be proud of. Value your education!

19. Make A New Friend

Make a new friend! New relationships are fun and you might just make a new best friend in the process! Doing this before 20 is essential because in a few years you’ll be graduating college or moving straight into the workforce and won’t be able to make time to have new friendships!

20. Chase a dream

Dreams can be attainable, so strive for them and don’t give up.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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