My First Ever High End Makeup Brand Purchase

We all remember the first time we venture out of drugstore makeup and purchase our first type of high end makeup. I remember mine clearly, I also remember not knowing what to get and asking a ton of questions.

What was my first high end makeup brand purchase?

My First high end makeup brand purchase was from MAC, I needed eyebrow gel since the one my sister gave me ran out (she gave me her benefit gimme brow because it was too dark for her eyebrows). So I went to MAC by myself and purchased my eyebrow gel, which is the same type I use today, and I decided I wanted to get into makeup. So I went up to the MAC employee and asked what I needed and it was definitely a loaded question. She told me to start off by learning how to do face makeup and she told me to invest in a good contour kit. I had no idea what a contour kit was and how to use it. The MAC employee showed me the steps, and I purchased the MAC compact sculpting kit. This palette came with a cream highlighter, a highlighting powder and a contour shade.

This first purchase made me want to test other things and once I learned how to use it, the obsession grew from there. It was so exciting to learn how to do makeup and buy my first non-drugstore makeup product.

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your first high end makeup product!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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