The Story Of Us

Every relationship has a backstory behind it. The backstory to each relationship is so important! Personally, I love our story the best (of course)! So what is the story of Ryan and I?

We officially met when we were 17 years old in high school. We were both in theater, I was in cast and he was in crew (Ryan was the stage manager)! I used to go to the crew practices and set building because my father helped build the sets for the stage. So I ended up talking to Ryan one night for a while, and we hung out at crew. As we were hanging out I actually joked around and made him a tuxedo out of masking tape with a masking tape ring. He then, made a masking tape bracelet for me (which I still have to this day).

Ryan contacted me that same night and asked me to text him and also asked to take me out to lunch. I agreed and we went to the boardwalk near us and played arcade games, his treat! We started talking seriously and then it bloomed into a relationship over the course of a month or so. He asked me out and since then we’ve been inseparable.

People have also said that after our “honeymoon phase” we wouldn’t be as obsessed over each other and that the “flame” will die (honeymoon phase is the first 6 months to a year in the relationship where you are really happy in the relationship because everything is new and exciting). I don’t feel that way, even after 3 years I am just as obsessed with Ryan and our relationship and am still excitable as I was the first moment we met.

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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