Monthly Favorites

March Favorites

This March I gathered some of my favorites that I have seriously been obsessed with. These are products or accessories that I continue to go back to during the month. So what are the favorites from this month?

• The one favorite from this month I continuously wear is the opal necklace I got for Valentines Day. I hadn’t had a chance to wear it in February but I’ve worn it so many times this March. It’s my go-to accessory lately!

• The second favorite from this month is the eye cool packs. These eye cool packs are from Forever 21 which I got recently for $1.50! These can be thrown into the fridge, and then you apply these your eyes. They stop bags under the eyes! They are amazing!

• The third favorite from this month is the red-eye relief, since spring had sprung the pollen count has been extremely high. I am constantly grabbing this red eye relief and it works super well to stop those itchy red eyes we get from dreaded pollen.

• The fourth favorite from this month is Elf’s natural glow lotion. I use this when I go to the gym instead of doing my makeup. It gives me a nice glow and I won’t break out from sweating with makeup on but will still look glowy and cute!

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below your favorites from this month.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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