Monthly Antifavorites

March Antifavorites

It’s time for March antifavorites! I already have done the March favorites for this month but with favorites sometimes comes antifavorites. I tried some products that I wasn’t particularly happy with and would like to share them! I don’t have many antifavorites for this month so let’s dive into what made this list.

• The first antifavorite of this month is Mally volumizing mascara. This mascara made the list because it was super drying and I used 3 different makeup removers and it barely came off. It took me picking the mascara off my eyelashes to get it off.

• The second antifavorite Apple Harvest moisture rich hydrating balm smells good and moisturizes the lips for a while but I felt that my lips felt even more dry after this balm wore off.

• The last antifavorite is the Julep lip crayon. They sent me a nude color that was patchy, not long lasting and was way too close to my skin color. It looks like I applied concealer or foundation to my lips.

I don’t recommend these products but different things work for different people! So if anything I mentioned worked for you, then that’s amazing and I don’t mean to offend. I hope you enjoyed reading!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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